1mm Dyneema Kite Line – by the foot


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This line is tiny! With a diameter of 1.0 mm, it is half the weight of Zing-it. It’s made from 100% dyneema, hollow braid (spliceable!), and a break strength of 350 lbs. Use it for your tarp guy lines or anything else that doesn’t need a ton of strength.

This is the rope used to make the tiny eye on the Friction Saver Bear Bag System.

0.25 grams per foot (0.81 grams per meter). Sold by the foot.

Note: The green color in this size has been discontinued. New stock will be blue (similar shade to the blue Amsteel). I still have some quantity of green, but it is limited. If the color is important to you reach out by email before ordering.


Rope Comparison

 Diameter [mm]Diameter [in]Tensile [kN]Tensile [lb]Weight [g/m]Weight [g/ft]Weight [oz/ft]
Amsteel2.750.109 (7/64)7.116004.461.360.048
Kite Line1.00.0391.53500.810.250.009
Note: The tensile strengths listed here are the Mean Break Strength (MBS). Any section of rope could have a higher or lower strength than the mean, so this number should only be used to compare the relative strength between ropes. Be sure to use an appropriate safety factor for your application.

Additional information

Weight .009 oz

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