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Please note!

Some small percentage of Warbonnet poles (less than 10%) have tips too large to fit into the Bridge Buttons. Please check the diameter of your tips before ordering.

If you have the larger pole tips and need Bridge Buttons now, or if you already purchased buttons that don’t fit, you can drill them out with a 15/64″ drill bit. If drilling please hold the buttons with pliers and not your hands!

Your tarp is a major investment in your hammock rig. If you own a bridge hammock, or if you hang gathered end hammocks with a spreader pole, you have almost certainly experienced the stress of the spreader bars rubbing against your tarp every time you enter or exit the hammock. Worry no more!

These buttons are designed to install onto your 7/64″ OR 1/8″ amsteel suspension and stay there (they will fit on Dynaglide but may not stay secured when not in use). When hanging your bridge simply locate the button and insert the pole. The domed surface of the button covers the pole tip and protects your tarp. As an added bonus, they provide a handy area to attach your underquilt suspension!

The buttons will fit poles with a tip diameter up to 0.21 inches (5.5 mm) and cover a tip length up to 9/16″ (15 mm). They are made to fit onto suspension with a soft attachment to the hammock body (no hardware). Changing suspension with hardware to non-hardware is fairly straight forward but will likely require cutting off the old hardware. A suspension conversion kit is in the works, so check back soon if you fall into this category.

If you like to hang two gathered end hammocks side by side with a spreader pole these will help you out there, too! Check out the Spreader Pole Continuous Loop to get hooked up.

Buy them individually or as a set. Each button weighs under 0.1 oz, a set of 4 weighs 0.3 oz (2 and 10 grams respectively).

These parts are 3D printed in house and are protected by the 3D printed parts policy. Follow the link to read more about the lifetime warranty, upgrade plan, and what to expect out of 3D printed parts.

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