Continuous Loop


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Continuous loops are commonly used to gather the ends of hammocks and provide an attachment point for the suspension. But they have many other uses as well!

The loops measure 7″ when laid out flat, which is a good size for the ends of a hammock. Custom sizes are available by request.

Sold individually.

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7/64" Amsteel, 1.75 mm Zing-It, 2.2 mm Zing-It, Dynaglide


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7 thoughts on “Continuous Loop

  1. Sue says:

    Hi, could a ZingIt CL be used to safely hreplace the 7/64 CL’s in the channel of a GE hammock? If so, would you recommend the 2.2mm or could a light person get by with the 1.75mm?

    • Nich Fugal says:

      It certainly can, but of course there would be an increased risk of failure due to the lower strength. I have hammocks in my kids rooms with zing-it CLs and we have all piled in (nearly 300 lbs total) with no failures yet. But that is indoors with ideal suspension angles.

      Because the amount of rope used is small, the weight difference between 7/64″ amsteel and 1.75mm zing-it is only 1.5 grams or 0.05 oz. I would consider if the weight savings is worth sacrificing some piece of mind.

  2. Michael Grimm says:

    Hey Nick,

    Do you have estimated weights for the Dynaglide and 1.75mm Zing-It CLs? Also, do you know an estimated weight limit for each?


    • Nich Fugal says:

      Each loop uses 2 feet of rope, and you can look up the weights and strength on the table in the product description of the rope. When using a continuous loop there are 2 strands of rope carrying the load, so the Mean Break Strength (MBS) is effectively doubled. The splicing will reduce the total load to about 80%, but you should still be applying a generous safety factor (usually 1/5 the MBS of the rope) to get the Working Load Limit (WLL).

      To answer your question directly, a Zing-It loop weighs 1.1 grams with a 800 lb MBS and 200 lb WLL. A Dynaglide loop will weigh 1.6 grams with a 1600 MBS and 400 lb WLL. Amsteel loops come in at 2.7 grams, 2500 MBS and 640 lb WLL.

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