Dynaglide – by the foot


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Dynaglide is another 100% Dyneema cord similar to the Amsteel and Zing-it. It was created as a throw line for arborists to set their ropes in trees and has a tight weave and slick finish to glide over tree bark. Because of the tight weave it is more stiff than Zing-it which means it’s less prone to tangling.

Dynaglide’s 2.0 mm diameter is in-between 2.75 mm (7/64″) Amsteel and 1.75 mm Zing-it.

  • Diameter: 2.0 mm
  • Mean Break Strength: 1,000 lbs (4.5 kN)
  • Weight: 0.79 g/ft (2.57 g/meter)

Sold by the foot. Continuous sections over 25 feet are not guaranteed, but if your order needs to be split you will be contacted for input prior to shipping with the option of backordering to get a continuous length.


Rope Comparison

 Diameter [mm]Diameter [in]Tensile [kN]Tensile [lb]Weight [g/m]Weight [g/ft]Weight [oz/ft]
Amsteel2.750.109 (7/64)7.116004.461.360.048
Kite Line1.00.0391.53500.810.250.009
Note: The tensile strengths listed here are the Mean Break Strength (MBS). Any section of rope could have a higher or lower strength than the mean, so this number should only be used to compare the relative strength between ropes. Be sure to use an appropriate safety factor for your application.

Additional information

Weight 0.02787 oz

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