50 mm (2″) UL Kevlar Webbing – by the foot


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Coming in at 1200 lb (5 kN) break strength and 2.7 grams per foot (9 g/m), this webbing is lighter than any other 2″ option out there. It’s even lighter than many 1″ options! Grab some for extra peace of mind, whether it’s offering extra protection for trees or the increasing number of parks requiring 2″ straps.

Unlike Dyneema or UHMWPE straps, Kevlar won’t roll up when placed under load, nor does it have a memory which requires manual flattening after every use.

This webbing has a tight weave which will not snag on bark, but it is thin so will not work well with buckles. Kevlar is sensitive to UV light and will darken over time and slowly loose strength in the sunlight and so is not suitable for a permanent outdoor setup. However, for camping it should last several years due to limited exposure.

Sold by the foot. If you’re looking for straps with sewn loops check out the tree straps/huggers.

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Weight .0952 oz
Dimensions 3 × 2 × .5 in

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