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2.6 grams of adorable

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New limited edition colors! Once these sell out there’s no guarantee there will be more, but the most popular colors have a good chance of becoming a permanent stock item at some point. Get them while they last!

Turtle Ties were created to enable the lightest suspension available. Weighing just 0.1 oz each (2.6 grams), they interface with a single strand of 7/64″ (2.75 mm) Amsteel with a wrap-and-lock adjustment. Unlike a whoopie sling that doubles back on itself, the entire length of Amsteel is the range of available adjustment.

Turtle Ties have been tested to hold approximately 400 lbs tension (180 kg) with a standard lock without slipping. This is sufficient for any typical hammock scenario, but if extra security is needed the optional “flipper lock” method can be used to increase the tension by another few hundred pounds. Unlike other suspension devices that rely on a “twist lock”, Turtle Ties are less damaging to the Amsteel due to building up friction over several regions. With that said, the “twist lock” method can still be used when ultimate security is needed.

Additionally, the Turtle Tie can be set up to work with a whoopie sling if that’s your preference. See the video at time mark 3:54 of the first video for a demo. They also work well for your tarp pullouts as shown in the second video.

Sold individually.

Additional information

Weight .1 oz
Dimensions 1.5 × 1.5 × .125 in

Green, Red, Cyan, Purple, Grey

8 thoughts on “Turtle Tie

    • Nich Fugal says:

      Thanks for pointing out the confusion. I updated the product title the the singular form and added a note in the description.

  1. Michael Tereck says:

    I absolutely LOVE my new turtle ties! I love using whoopies, but I found long straps and beatles or loops etc to be just so easy. These awesome little guys give me the best of both worlds. I ordered the 12’ amsteel ropes with 2 turtles and couldn’t be happier!

  2. Tony says:

    These things are tiny! I don’t feel good at all about trusting these things to hang 300lbs, there ain’t no way! You sure bout this??

    • Nich Fugal says:

      The turtle itself is plenty strong for 300 lbs, the trick is getting it to hold without slipping. I’d definitely recommend the extra flipper wrap for that load, but the standard wrap should work under good conditions.

  3. Paul says:

    I apologize if this as been covered but will the “legs” of the turtle hold the loops of a Ridge Runner Bridge hammock? Each end of the RR has two long dogbones that run from the sides to a metal connector, forming a triangle. some connection (whoopies, webbing) goes from the metal connector to the tree. I’m asking of the turtle can substitute for that connector? Sort of like DutchWare’s Beetle Buckles. Is the turtle strong enough to loop a dogbone on each flipper/leg?

    • Nich Fugal says:

      I’ve done a test where I’m supporting my entire body weight (190 lbs) from a single flipper without any sign of deformation, so yes the Turtle Tie should work in that configuration.

      A little more detail, with all the angles considered on a bridge hammock, each flipper will only see about 1/2 – 2/3 of your body weight. So as long as you weigh 280 lbs or less you won’t exceed what I’ve tested to.

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