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These hooks are a brand new gadget for filtering your water. They enable you to siphon water out of any open top dirty water bag through your filter. No special bag with fancy fittings, and you can share your dirty water bag with as many other water hook users as needed! Some example dirty water bags would be the Sea to Summit folding bucket, 5 gallon bucket, dry bag, a DIY silpoly bag with sealed seams, or anything else you may come up with.

The Water Hook is made to fit 3/8″ OD silicone hose. To use, install the hose into the hook with enough hose sticking out the short end to reach the bottom of your dirty water bag. On the other end (in the direction of the arrow) attach any inline water filter such as the Sawyer or Platypus. To get flow the hose must be filled with water to a level below the dirty water bag. Prime the siphon by sucking water through the filter then stand back and let gravity do the work.

The further below the bag you can get the water filled hose the faster the flow will be (an air filled hose wont be much use here). You can achieve this by either having a long section of hose before attaching the filter, or (my preference) attaching your drinking hose to the filter output and leaving the far end submerged so air can’t enter the hose.

Sold individually. Each water hook weighs just 0.2 oz (6 grams).

These parts are 3D printed in house and are protected by theĀ 3D printed parts policy. Follow the link to read more about the lifetime warranty, upgrade plan, and what to expect out of 3D printed parts.

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