Whoopie Sling


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If you prefer the traditional Whoopie Sling the Turtle Ties are here to help. Replacing the bead on the adjustable eye, the Turtle Tie makes a quick connection to your hammock continuous loop while preserving adjustability and offering a water break!

Choose with a Turtle Tie or a regular bead. Sold individually so you can select colors independently. Length indicates eye-to-eye length when adjusted to max length.


Amsteel Suspension Weight

LengthStrand Weight [g]Whoopie Weight [g]Strand Weight [oz]Whoopie Weight [oz]
6' (1.8 m)10170.30.6
8' (2.4 m)12220.40.8
10' (3.0 m)15280.51.0
12' (3.7 m)18330.61.2
The weights listed are per suspension without the Turtle Tie. Add 2.5 g (0.1 oz) for each turtle, and 2 suspensions per hammock.


Additional information

Weight N/A

Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Black, Grey

Turtle Tie

Green, Red, Purple, None


6' (1.8 m), 8' (2.4 m), 10' (3.0 m), 12' (3.7 m)

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